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"Single Mom's Empowered : Everything You Need To Know As A Single Mom" will help you learn how to handle your life without the stress that you might be feeling right now – no matter if you’re a newly single mother or not.


Dear friend,

How many times have you told yourself that you weren’t going to be a single parent? Do you feel like you have too many responsibilities and nowhere to turn for help? Are you having troubles coping with your new family situation? Are your children having troubles too? Wouldn’t you like to do something about it?

Maybe you’re a newly single mother or you’ve chosen to take on single parenting - in either case, raising children on your own is a difficult, though rewarding, challenge that you might feel like you’re not ready for. Have you ever felt like you could do better at raising your family? Have you ever wondered if there was more that you could do?

You’ll be relieved to know that you’re not alone - far from it. Being a single parent is more common than ever. And no matter how close you think you are to not being able to give any more of yourself, "Single Mom's Empowered : Everything You Need To Know As A Single Mom" holds all of the answers to the questions you’ve been asking yourself. Not only will you learn how to take care of your family, but you’ll also learn how to better your life.

If you’re ready to make some changes in order to make the entire family run more smoothly and have less troubles, you’re ready for the detailed information found in "Single Mom's Empowered : Everything You Need To Know As A Single Mom." No matter how bad you think you have it right now, I am going to make sure that you’re going nowhere but up from now on.

First of all, we’re going to talk about the idea of being a single mother and what that means.

I’ll cover topics such as:

  1. Accepting how you got here
  2. Making the most of the situation
  3. Is dad an important factor?
  4. Avoiding the temptation to overindulge

But that’s really just a start to the topics that you’re going to learn about.

You already know what an important job you have as a mother to your children. "Single Mom's Empowered : Everything You Need To Know As A Single Mom" is going to make sure that the job becomes easier, rather than harder.

Maybe you’re a new parent or you have many children to care for, in any case, you know that you will need to make some changes to the way that you are handling these responsibilities in order to keep everyone healthy and happy.

So, where do you begin?

What you’ll want to realize is that you do have a special concerns that other parents do not.

You’ll start by learning how single parenting is different:

  1. How you view yourself
  2. How others view you
  3. Explaining why there’s no dad in the house
  4. Providing male role models
  5. Who will do the ‘daddy’ jobs?
  6. Living with the workload
  7. Making arrangements for the unexpected

With this knowledge, you’ll be able to grasp your new role in a focused and determined manner. You won’t have to feel like you’re behind other parents in terms of support - because you can keep everything running just fine.

Learn about:

  1. Raising a child on your income
  2. Managing your expenses
  3. Finding the right job
  4. Collecting child support

With "Single Mom's Empowered : Everything You Need To Know As A Single Mom," you will also know when you should ask for help and where you can find it. You don’t have to feel along anymore when you know:

  1. Where to get help
  2. How to create a support system
  3. Finding moral and ethical help

But, there’s even more to this book!

It can seem like you have twice as many responsibilities as you had before you became a single mother, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Everyone’s become busier these days, so I’ve come up with some great ways to help you manage your household without breaking a sweat.

Learn about:

  1. Setting rules for your children
  2. Choosing the best punishment ‘for the crime’
  3. Being consistent
  4. When to ask for help
  5. Housing options
  6. Improving your life with education

Even if you don’t think that you have the time to read "Single Mom's Empowered : Everything You Need To Know As A Single Mom," the ideas and tips that you will learn are worth the spare moment that you can find.

What about taking care of yourself?

Being a single mother with more responsibilities is enough of a burden at times, but forgetting about yourself is not going to help.

You spend so much of your time giving to others, I’m including some advice on how to take care of the all-important mother:

  1. How to have a social life
  2. Dating
  3. Knowing when to say when
  4. Making peace with your ex
  5. Learning to be proud

I’ve even included a true story that I’m sure you can relate to.

Even if your head is spinning from all of this information, I have more good news for you. If you order "Single Mom's Empowered : Everything You Need To Know As A Single Mom," I will include my special 10 page report entitled, "The Single Mother’s 7 Day Program for Taking Control of Your Life."

This high quality report contains:

  1. How to deal with the sudden change in your life
  2. Figuring out your financial situation
  3. Looking at what your income is
  4. Dealing with common housing concerns
  5. How to look at your commitments
  6. How to have a talk with your children

But there’s much more.

The 41 pages in "Single Mom's Empowered : Everything You Need To Know As A Single Mom" just didn’t seem to be enough to include the worthwhile information that I packed into that special report.

How is this going to help me?

In the end, you just want to know how my book is going to help you. You want to know if "Single Mom's Empowered : Everything You Need To Know As A Single Mom" is really the go-to guide for all of your important questions. I worked long and hard on this eBook and made sure that it was a complete resource for someone who cares about their family and their future. You will gain the tools that you need to make your single mother status something that you celebrate. I promise.


Table Of Contents


Introduction: The Single Mom’s Legacy

1 Adjusting to Life as a single mother
Accepting how you got here 5
Making the Most of Your Situation 6
Is Dad an Important Factor? 6
Avoiding the Temptation to Overindulge 7

2 How single parenting is different
How You View Your Status 8
How Others View Your Status 9
Explaining Why There’s No Dad In Your House 9
Providing Male Role Models 10
Who’ll Do Those Daddy Jobs? 10
Living with the Workload 11
Making Preparations for the Unexpected 11

3 Raising Your Child on Your Income
Getting a Handle on Your Expenses 13
Finding the Right Job 16
Collecting Your Child Support 18

4 Getting Help When You Need It
Where to get help 20
Networking and Developing a Support System 21
Moral and Ethical Help 23

5 Effective Parenting
Set Clear Rules 24
Make the Punishment Fit the Crime 24
Be Consistent 25
Seek Help When You Need It 25
Don’t Be Too Uptight 25

6 Housing Options for Single Mothers
Your Current Home 27
Making a Move 28
Choosing a Place to Rent 29

7 Improving Your Life Through Education
Can More Education Really Improve My Life? 31
Can I really go back to school with my schedule? 32
Can I really afford to go back to school? 32

8 Loving Your Life As a Single Parent
Ask for help 34
Take Care of You 34
Have a Social Life 35
Dating 35
A true story 39
Know When to Say When 40
Make Peace with The Ex 40
Stand Up and Be Proud 41


Here is an excerpt of the book

Improving your life through education

Can More Education Really Improve My Life?

Well, the simple answer is “yes”. There are many reasons why pursuing additional education can improve the quality of life for you and your family. Returning to school as an adult is a growing trend. One particularly interesting study on this trend, called “Degrees of Opportunity”, says that more than half of all adults want more education. Many of these students are pursuing education past the age of 25, after having families and while holding down a full time job.
And, even with all the effort it requires, this study showed that these adult students believe their time was well worth the effort. In fact, 50% of the people who have pursued further education after entering the workforce wish they’d done it sooner. And, adult students are more likely to finish what they’ve started. According to this study, nearly three out of four adults who returned to school after the age of 25 said they have either completed their educational pursuit or are still in process of pursuing it.
Some of the benefits to advancing your education include:

Higher earning potential
More potential for promotion
Ease of finding a new job
Personal sense of accomplishment
Setting a good example for your children
Personal fulfilment from pursuing an area of interest
Can help you change careers

Can I really go back to school with my schedule?

This is one of the biggest concerns of single parents. For many, the idea of trying to add school to their already hectic schedule can seem overwhelming. But, if you’re committed to furthering your education, you can find ways to make the changes in your family life to accommodate meeting your goal. Here are some ideas to help you manage adding school to your already hectic life...


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